July Newsletter

July Newsletter

July 2, 2020
No. 7
The Herald
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Welcome New Youth Director/birthdays
Church Happenings

A note from Pastor Mike and Linda Riggins: Grace and peace to one and all!
We thank the church for the many expressions of care you have sent our way these past few months. We can honestly report that we are well. We have had to make fewer sacrifices/adjustments than many. And we have re-ceived two pieces of spectacular news. Our son has become en-gaged to a woman we absolutely love, and our daughter is expect-ing our second grandchild, a girl, in the fall.
We continue to ride our bikes around Terre Haute, having driveway visits with members and friends of Central. It has helped us all to make such personal contact in the time of the virus. It has also con-nected us better to the deeper feelings and needs of many. We have noted that the messaging has changed. In the early weeks people would say, “Oh, we’re doing fine! Being careful, and not sure what to expect, but so far, so good.” Then the messages evolved into, “It’s getting a bit tedious, and I am concerned at all the people just moving around without taking precautions.” Now we hear, “I am very concerned about racial tensions and all the demonstrations, on top of the pandemic.”
In these unprecedented times it is natural to wonder how to re-spond. Where are we going as a community, a nation? Is God still in charge?
The answer you get from this preacher is one you would expect: yes, God is still in charge. But God is still giving us the freedom to choose to behave well or badly. We need to choose well and to keep our faith in God’s steadfast love. If you have a different take, or if you just need to get things off your chest, PLEASE do not hesi-tate to contact us! We want to serve you now more than ever.
God bless you all.


The Herald
July Birthdays
3– Travis Rubey, Katie Salmeron, Michael Shaw
4—Jack Darke
5—Cheryl Moles
8—Carol Cook, Megan Rader
9—Steve Templeton
13—Susan Hoffman
14—Andrew Green
15—Carla Bailey
17—Enzo Woodruff, Mia Woodruff
18—Suzanne Downs, Nathaniel Taken
20—Mary Horneker, Donna Paul-Bonham, Connor Scanlon
24—Kirsten Ford, Steve Mead
25—Kathy Hogan, Leanne Holder
26—Douglas Shaw
27—Mimi Templeton, Harrison Whitaker
29—Niles Newton
31—Ethan Kershaw
Meet our new Youth Director!
With joy we can announce the calling of our next Youth Director, Timothy Ghogle (GO-glay). Born in India, Tim’s parents were and are both Christian pastors. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer tech/engineering, and works as an IT analyst at ISU. Tim has a vi-brant personality and a genuine faith in Christ. He was the unanimous choice of the search committee, though we did have two other strong candidates for the position. We expect him to start work with our youth by August 1.


The Herald
(July) 1
2 Book Club at church 2:00
3 Office closed for holiday
5 Worship 10:30
7 Bible study and beer 7:30
8 Deacons 5:00
Session 7:00
9 CPC Connect and Prayer 11:00
12 Worship 10:30
14 CPC Connect and Prayer 8:00
15 Youth Design Team 6:15
Bible study and beer 7:30
19 Worship 10:30
21 Third Tuesday night meetings
22 Bible study and beer 7:30
23 CPC Connect and Prayer 11:00
26 Worship 10:30
4th Sunday praying over church follows
28 CPC Connect and Prayer 8:00
29 Bible study and beer 7:30

Central Presbyterian Church
125 North Seventh Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
Phone: 812-232-5049
Fax: 812-232-5040
Email:  office@thcpc.org
Sunday School for all ages 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.
Rev. Mike Riggins, Pastor
Cheryl Moles, Christian Educator

Sarah Kelsheimer, Church Secretary


Women’s Book Club
The Women’s Book Club will be meeting on August 6 at 2:00 in the church fellowship hall. The book, The Homesman by Glendon Swathout will be discussed.

Women’s Bible Study
The Women’s Bible Study will continue its study on The New Testament You Never Knew by N. T. Wright. The next meeting of the Seekers and Searchers will be September 22.

Next Herald Deadline — July 27, 2020


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