NOTE: HEMEfund activity is suspended for the time being because the Taliban who control Afghanistan do not permit its work.
HEMEfund was started in 2009 by CPC member William Seo, an army medic at the time deployed to Afghanistan. Its efforts center on Afghanistan’s huge population of widows and orphans where women are forbidden or limited in their ability to work outside their homes.
HEME is an acronym for Housing, Education, Medical and Employment. The vocational schools now located in three provinces teach basic literacy, personal hygiene, and nutrition as well as sewing and embroidery skills that women then use to start a business from their homes. Upon graduation, each woman is provided a hand-cranked sewing machine for that purpose. The objective of the vocational training is to make them self-sufficient; so far, the more than 300 graduates have earned enough each month to support their families and send their children to school




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